Luke (the bald one) and Kris (looking like white Jesus) just after opening Holland Park

Our Story

Our goal is to offer a space where the community can spend as much time as they like catching up with friends and family in a relaxed environment while sharing great food and beverages. One of the best things about our place is that you most days and nights of the week you can come and stay for as long as you like!

One day over a few beers at someone else’s venue we realised we were both totally jack of our day jobs and that opening a bar was a dream that we had in common. Six months later after lots of hard work (and a number of sleepless nights) we took advantage of some free help from our wives and opened the doors to Suburban Social Neighbourhood Bar and Kitchen at Chapel Hill. Now it’s our full time passion and we’ve enjoyed many months of continuous support from local customers ever since. If you haven’t been in for a visit, get your butt in here already – you’ll love it!

If you’re on the South Side, come and check out our second venue at Holland Park, it’s same same but…. a little different.

What we aim for

Many think that Australia doesn’t actually make anything anymore and while manufacturing is going offshore, we have an increasing number of small-medium businesses producing great products. We showcase many of these Australian independent wines, beers and spirits because we believe they are the best in the world and that we’re all loosing our marbles if we don’t all support small Australian owned businesses.

Our beer range rotates constantly as we explore alongside our customers the ever expanding array of brewers and brews on offer.

Wines are a different story though. We like to keep our wine list changes to a minimum after having spent such a long time selecting small producers who make exceptional wines while having minimal impact on the land they produce from.

Check out our menus for the full food run-down but remember that we have quite a few rotating and seasonal ‘Chef’s Selections’ available. Check out the board when you come in to see what the team in our kitchen have created each week.